Thumb PC: The Computer in Your Pocket

Thumb PC is a small USB flash drive sized PC-on-a-Stick device that can transform any HDMI TV or monitor into a fully functional computer and powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM . It includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, a USB port and a micro SD card slot for additional storage and 32GB of embedded storage in Windows devices.

Thumb PC can be used as Home Entertainment Gadget, PC, Digital Signage, Thin Client Device, Video Chat and Multimedia Broadcasting.

Compared to ordinary desktops, Thumb PC is not only smaller and cheaper, but it consumes much less 5 watts of power, whereas a typical desktop would easily consume more than 100 watts of power.If the size of the computer reduces, the possibilities of usages increases. What happens if it reduced to your middle finger, uses become countless- Sit back, Relax by completing this innovation in your innovation / Entertainment.

This small device has certain advantages:

Transform any HDMI display into a fully functional computer:

Thumb PC is a new generation of computing that converts any HDMI display to a fully functioning computer. It is a power efficient device only 4 inches in length, but the power and reliability of the Quad-Core Intel Atom processor is embedded in wireless connection, onboard storage,and micro SD card slot for additional storage. It is everything you love about your desktop computer with a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Full size USB, Easy installation

Connect the power supply using micro USB power reader, plug in Thumb PC into HDMI port then connect your devicesvia Bluetooth, wireless, USB 2.0 to turn your monitor into a Windows or Android computer.

Proper windows/Android makes a great smart TV

The present generations of smart TVs are frustrating. They have an intelligent operating system, but "applications" are limited and web browsers are terrible. With Thumb PC, you get the appropriate Windows or Android environment. And the moment you use it, you cannot imagine going back to any of these Smart TV operating systems. When you add the convenience of excellent Windows software such as Microsoft Office, Chrome / Firefox etc., you will wonder how you have ever lived with a restrictive operating system of Smart TV.


When it is in "maximum power" mode, consumption is 8 watts, but normally it would be 4/6 watt - unthinkable for a PC.

A Great Medium for Education Purpose:

Thumb PC has many chances in the field of education. It is generally intended for younger generation to help in their learning and studying. Programming, presentation collection of data from the Internet etc.

Small size and cost effective:

With a low price and small size it is easy for the buyers to cache.It is very helpful for students and all those interested in computers and electronics.

Where it could really be put to good use:

Home PC:

This is really a tremendous solution for simple domestic use. The Internet, emails, Office programs, and networks are all required. If you already have a monitor, the price is a very nice surprise for the pocket.

Home entertainment:

If it had been designedespecially to plug your glowing LCD screen and act as a multimedia center. Absolutely, it plays audio and video in Full HD smoothly

Professional productivity is so easy to use:

It not only fills your work PC for manageable tasks, but it is a great pocket-sized solution for playing your presentations at work. If the room is equipped with everything else, that's all you need.

Business Thin Client:

Many large companies have replaced their workers computers with thin clients, which is ideal for connecting to the network and virtual applications, but are still passive and dependent terminals. With thumb PC you get the same power as a thin client, but it's also completely independent when there is no connectivity or if you want to use it for personal business. And all are for a very competing price.

"It's Not Like a Computer.

It Is a Computer.